Sunday, October 15, 2006

New home for Serenity. Hopefully this will allow me to replace the deck and get her painted up over the winter.

Thanks to Steven for yet another removal service and to Tayport Harbour for my time there - There can be no better spot on a fine summer evening with the sun setting over the water and the dolphins playing to scrape paint.

Now she is fully stripped and ready for sanding and painting on the hull.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

All wrapped up.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Sunset over the deck of Serenity - Nice way to end the evening.....

Bored with stripping the sides so decide to remove the edge strips from the deck to release that nice lino cover. Loads of fun but a bit of a mess underneath - Looks like I am going to need some marine ply.

Took off the Mast Support so I could fit my new Tarp without ripping it and oh boy is the cabin roof on its last legs.

Fitted the new tarp - Should have videoed it - I would be getting 1000s of hots a day on this blog with that. Lets just say the only single sensible thing I did was attach a rope between one corner of the Tarp and the trailer before I unpacked the tarpauling and let the wind get at it! 7m x 5m of ripstop nylon makes for a very large and noisy flag.

Thanks to the passer by who admired my trailer... That makes 4 people now - I feel a little like a bride might feel if the guests commented on how nice the limousine she arrived in looked!! (and thanks again John - it's much admired)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another night and one side is taking shape. No rot found yet and wood seems pretty sound.

Working here always seems to draw passers by to come and sympathise with me. Tonight one fellow Captain talked of the heyday of the Silhouette when a summer visit to Lake Windermere would mean joining with literally scores of other silhouettes. He even noted that up to 50 silhouettes would make the annual pilgrimage across the channel - Not for the feint hearted I feel - and not something I feel compelled to try when Serenity takes to the water!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Work starts.... it's slow but satisfying (I think) - Nice view when the wind drops enough to lift my head up to look.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

New home for the schizophrenic boat. Nice view across to Broughty Ferry from Tayport Harbour. Let the work begin....

Serenity on the move once more thanks again to boat chauffeur Steven.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Couldn't resist the urge to start on the boat.... to hell with the mess.

I was stripping back the paint when I discovered some lettering in a different colour of paint to the existing name and look what I found!....

Wave Sweeper becomes "SERENITY" ... this is really starting to feel like a restoration now.

Wood also seems in pretty good nick. Invigorated! - Just need to get her moved now and the work can really begin.........

It's official - I've got a place at Tayport. Just need to wait for a where and when from the committee.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Only boat I've ever heard of that needs bailing out in dry dock....

Monday, March 20, 2006

In the harsh light of day it's not looking so good! More than a lick of paint required here......

Its on with the head-to-tail waterproofs, organise a half day at work and apply elbow grease and employ the assistance of a power wash jet.

More paint than dirt removed but it looks less radioactive.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Journey home...... Surreal experience following behind a boat seeming to float on the back of the trailer - I now understand why everyone was so polite and held well back on the first leg.

Thanks Steven, my personal boat chauffeur

D-day arrives.

Smooth "sailing" all the way to Balloch for the pickup...NOT!

9:20am How is it possible that they have shut the A91 at Auchtermuchty and have sod all diversion signs?

10:10am Ace trailer - Thanks John - But even after adjusting its ~5-10cm too narrow for the measurements Steven made off his boat - Dilema - we're late already - do we carry on or double back to Stevens for an angle grinder in case we need to do some "modifications" - modifications wins out.....

10:30am A marathon going through the main street - What are the chances that a) this should happen on a dreary Sunday morning and b) we should be 10 seconds too late to be at the front and therefore are lead car at the back.

11:45am Whats that noise? - Oh - where is my jockey wheel?

But Finally....

12:15pm Hi Derek - Thanks for being so patient - Sorry we've not been having much luck today - What? YOU THINK THE BOATS GOT A CENTRE KEEL!!?##.... This day could be heading quickly down the toilet.

Lady Luck enters stage left....

[1] It's not a centre keel
[2] It's floating
[3] We're here

Two hours later with much help from Derek - Thanks again - she's in the trailer and out of the water.

Mast down for the journey and a shake of hands with Derek and she's mine. [Thanks for the third time Derek].

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Contacted out of the blue by good school friend of my dad, Jimmy, to say that he has an idea for where I could store the boat for a while as a temporary measure - Another school friend, Ian, has a stable at Blebo - He has contacted him and it would be okay for up to a month..

Excellent .... I have my plan B .... Thanks Dad,Jimmy and Ian/Norma - Very kind and Much Appreciated

Monday, March 13, 2006

An email arrives from Tayport Harbour Trust - John has kindly contacted the secretary who emails me to explain that I need to fill in an application for the waiting list and put my request for a hard standing in a covering letter which will be discussed at the next board meeting on 8th April. No guarantees fo a place then..... mmmm

Action - Fill in the forms and send them
Then - Need plan B in case it all goes pear shape......

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Steven get's in touch to say he has a friend with a Trailer for sale - perfect for my boat. Now all I need is somewhere to put it. I email (trailer) John and he kindly offers to store my boat for a couple of weeks if I'm stuck - Thanks John .....

The plan is now afoot....
Boat - Check;
Trailer - Check;
Place to put it - Well for two weeks anyway - it's plenty for starters.

Monday, March 06, 2006

It all starts with Steven and an innocent comment in a broadcast email to friends "anyone fancy a boat...."

Stage 1: Ignore
Stage 2: What if ..
Stage 3: Ask Steven for more info..... the slippery path...

Steven sends me this photo - He's luring me in...... It floats, it's wooden, it's free, it's a challenge.

Where would I put it? What sort of work is involved?

I know, I'll phone my friend John Amson - He's got a boat and might know what to do - Always a pleasure to speak with John and he leaves me with a warm feeling that if I can get a hardstanding at a harbour then it might be not just a DIY superchallenge but a chance to meet likeminded people and have some fun.... Decision taken....

Steven sets the date for Sunday 19th March and I hold my breath.